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The Wishing Tree

My kids are both under 5, and so magic is still a big thing in our house. We do the whole Santa thing, elf on a shelf, Easter bunny, fairies, elves, etc…. you name it. Whenever we are outside walking on trails somewhere, I encourage them to search for gnomes and fairies. I’m sure some people think this is ridiculous but I don’t care. I only get a few years where mundane everyday things are magical, and I’m milking it.

One thing that I did at our old house was paint a tree on my daughter’s wall in order to make her room a little more magical and feminine (I had painted it blue, because I was convinced my first was going to be a boy). We moved from that house when she was 2 1/2 and she tells me that she remembers the tree, but I’m pretty sure she’s just humouring me. It was a pretty simple design. In truth, I originally looked for a decal but couldn’t find one I liked (code for: I refused to spend the cash on a larger decal). So instead, I painted one using extra paint that I had from re-vamping furniture. I did a quick sketch on paper first to get a feel for what I wanted, and then just went to town on the wall. I think the hardest part is just starting, as so many people are scared that they will mess it up. Remember that paint isn’t permanent, and while it can be time consuming to cover up, it can be covered up. I started with the trunk…tree one

Added more as I started to map out where I wanted it…

tree two

Added some large cherry blossoms….

tree three

And then some smaller blossoms…

tree four

The nice thing about this one is that it only took two colors to do. The space in the upper left corner I made so that I could hang a photo and it would look as though the tree was growing “around” the photo. Not going to lie, I was a little sad to see this go when we moved. However, at the new house, I decided to punch things up a little and see if I could top my last efforts….

Two years later, I actually got around to doing it…

Ah well… good things are worth the wait! For her new tree, I wanted a little more whimsy and decided to go with some “real” flowers. As it turned out, this one was even easier to do than the last one!


For this one I painted the trunk, but then utilized some tissue paper poms to make the flowers. These pink ones were extra special, as they were actually part of the decorations that were used at her baby shower. (Thanks Jaimie!)

For this project you will need: a pencil to sketch a light outline on the wall, a paint brush, paint color of your choice (I chose gold), some paper plates or a paint palette if you are fancy, a hot glue gun loaded with glue sticks, some tissue poms or fake flowers, and some embellishments for the center of the flowers if you so desire.


The tissue poms can be bought or made very cheaply with materials from the dollar store. You can buy them readymade or make them yourself following any of the billion tutorials on Youtube/Pinterest. I suggest buying them ready-made because they take a hella long time to make. You could also just buy some fake flowers from the dollar store and go with those. I hot glued some embellishments from my Stampin’ Up scrapbooking supplies because I wanted a little bit of sparkle. Again, this was a super cheap project for me to do since I already had all this crap laying around my house. I’m sensing a trend here….


I did lightly trace out a guide for me to follow on the wall with my pencil. I took a photo but the lines were so faint you couldn’t see them. You can skip this step entirely if you feel confident. I then used paper plates as a palette for my paint. There are two bottles in this photo but the project only used one. I do have a real painter’s palette somewhere but lord knows if I can find it. It’s probably buried under scrapbooking supplies somewhere…. IMG_9959

Then the scary step, I just started putting paint on the wall. I think this is the hardest step, but honestly once you get started, it gets easier. I think the trick is to go with a more “natural” looking tree. Cartoon trees can sometimes look perfect, where natural trees do not. I guess what I’m trying to say is that a “natural” style is more forgiving. IMG_9960

I added more and more, little by little. Another good tip is to take a step back every now and then to look at your work from a distance. Add more where you feel it needs.


Once you feel you are done with the trunk and the limbs, take another step back and decide from afar where you may like to place the flowers. IMG_9963

Next, get busy again with that hot glue gun! I glued these straight onto the wall. (shhhhhh…. what my husband doesn’t know won’t hurt him…)


Honestly, I love the way this turned out. The whole project was done in an afternoon while my husband took the kids to an indoor play place for a few hours. My older daughter loved it, and so did my younger one. She actually immediately ran into her room and demanded to know where her tree was…. (oops! mom fail…). So… I guess I know what the next project on my list is…

My daughter knows that I painted it, but we told her that the fairies came and added the magic. We told her that it is a wishing tree, and that she can tell it all her secrets. It will hear all her hopes and wishes and keep them safe. I have absolutely no idea how long this “magic” will last, but even if it ends tomorrow, it was well worth an afternoon of effort. xo



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