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What to Do with Kid’s Artwork: Decor Idea

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Like a lot of parents, I seem to think that my child is somehow artistically gifted. Where others see a blue and yellow blob, I see a perfect portrait of Joy from Inside Out. However, as much as I love my 4 year old’s artistic talent, I realize that I cannot keep Every. Little. Thing…. Also, I love a neat and tidy fridge front.


I came up with this easy peasy ribbon and clothes pin idea a year ago and we love it. (I say that I came up with it, but I’m sure I saw it on Pinterest or something at some point. I’m sleep deprived and unable to utilize my short term memory, cut me some slack.) I love it for 5 reasons:

  1. My fridge front stays neat and tidy
  2. My daughter gets to see all her art that she is proud of on a daily basis, and decorate her room with it. It’s like a two for one: art storage and kid decor all in one.
  3. Clothes pins, ribbon and wall tacks can all be found for super cheap at the dollar store. This literally costs under 5$ to do. Actually, I had all this crap already laying around my house. IMG_9948
  4. It’s super easy to add and take away pieces at any time.
  5. It keeps me from keeping EVERYTHING. I did this last year when my then 3 year old started preschool. Every time she came home with something, it went up on the wall. Throughout the year when it started getting crowded, I weeded through and recycled the “less special” ones. At the end of the year I took everything down and was left with only the most special pieces, the ones that would ultimately make it into the scrapbook. (Ha ha ha… I totally made it sound like I have that scrapbook finished… or started… ) Everything stayed in one place, and only the most favourite ones were kept.

So that’s it! That’s my super cheap, easy peasy idea for what to do with kid’s artwork!


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